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I Hope Your Memorial Weekend is Going Swell...

Our House, Sorta

The answers to your questions are, in order: Yes; No; Maybe. Yes, we’re making progress on getting the house ready. No, we’re not done. (Not even close.) Maybe we’ll make our deadline. (Maybe not.) PJ’s thinking about installing wood flooring in my previous office, where the carpet took fourteen year’s worth of abuse. Oh my aching back! At least we got a couple trailer loads of items into storage so far, and there’s only another couple before we can begin showing the house.

Sushi Face

Anyways, while I was taking a short break I found this interesting idea for you to consider. I don’t think it’s anything that appeals to the Real Man on the street, but maybe I’ve lost touch with today’s Real Man. It seems that America continues to take its need for speed and convenience to an extreme that borders on the absurd. I found a reference to a thing called Sushi Popper, and I was hopeful. You see, I generally don’t eat fish, and I certainly don’t eat anything that could be mistaken for bait. Sushi certainly fits that last category, in my opinion. I thought maybe this was a device for eradicating any sushi that happened to cross my path accidentally.

Four Pieces of Sushi

Nope. It’s sushi in a tube, and you eat it like a Push-Up frozen treat. (Or better yet, like Poppers Ice, but that’s an adult beverage, not a frozen treat.) Yep, you read that right. A portable tube, containing eight pieces of sushi, your choice of flavors. You use a stick to push up the delectable (?!) morsels. And the stick is conveniently filled with soy sauce.

What’s this world coming to? And what’s next, for crying out loud? Chicken fried steak on a stick? (Already done; at least in Texas.) Fried butter? (Ditto.) Slaw Dogs in the freezer case? Frozen beer on a stick? (Now, there’s an idea I should patent, actually.) The possibilities are, thankfully, nearing an end…

Enjoy the (Memorial Holiday) Heat!

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2 comments to I Hope Your Memorial Weekend is Going Swell…

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