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Great Summer Flavors: Zesty Goat Cheese Guacamole

Super Guacamole

For all of us elves here at the Chile Underground, nothing quite says summer like guacamole. Oh, sure; grilling’s a part of summer hereabouts. But then, that’s true about 11 months out of the year. (We sometimes skip August, when it’s too hot to fire up the grill.) And you can’t overlook sweet corn on the cob, or watermelon, or hand-cranked ice cream with Fredericksburg peaches. Those foods aren’t very Tex-Mex though, and somehow we’ve just gotta have our Tex-Mex fix, even if it is 103 out. (That’s temperature AND humidity.)

After about the 276th bowl of guac, though, you kinda want a different version. I’m not saying guacamole should ever be boring; it’s not. No matter what version, I can safely eat my body weight in the stuff every week. (Believe me, that’s more than you want to think about. Shoot, it’s more than even I want to think about.) At least it’s good for you, mostly. Still, many styles just don’t have that much kick or flavor interest. After a while, I mean.

So here’s a version that will wake up even the most jaded Guac aficionado. It’s a take on Marcus Samuelsson’s recipe that he “showed off” on Top Chef Masters a while back:

Quick and easy as always, but the addition of the goat cheese adds more than you might expect. If your favorite guacamole is substantially different from Marcus’ recipe, you can try adding goat cheese to yours; maybe you’ll like that better. In any case, be sure to invite me over; I can guarantee there won’t be any leftovers…

Enjoy the (Creamy Green) Heat!

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