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Yet More Guac: Roasted Tomatillo Guacamole

Cut Avocados

Okay, maybe this IS “Celebrate Marcus Samuelsson’s Genius With the Avocado Week” or something. I found another way to turn the funny-looking fruit (I mean the avocado here) into a superbly tasty version of the National Dish of Texas. (No, I don’t mean chili; it’s way too hot to be talking cooking here.) Lo and behold, after researching who “invented” this tomatillo version, I saw it was the same chef as yesterday’s fine recipe! Maybe Marcus has a special touch for mashed green goo?

Truth is, this isn’t exactly the way Marcus does it. I added the “roasted” part myself, now that I have the grill back up and running. I’ve relocated the grill, by the way, and that’s not a chore I relish doing often. (Get it? Relish?? Man, I really should quit my day job.) Anyway, now that I can scorch both proteinoids and vegetablacious matter with complete abandon (and in the privacy of my own back yard), I tried out putting some color and blisters on the tomatillos.

It’s great. And almost too easy. I’m also sure it’s better than the way any Swedish chef would ever make guac. Really. I’m convinced…

Enjoy the (More Creamy Green) Heat!

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