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Fish 4 Friday: Really Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy is a popular seafood these days, despite the fact that they belong to the slimehead family of ocean denizens. A lot of the fishing is done near the southern tip of Africa, and over near Australia and New Zealand. In the wild the fish is a deep brick-red color, although the flesh is almost white. Oddly, it appears that the fish’s color “bleaches” out to a very light pink (nearly white) when the fish is in an inactive or resting state!

Here’s a simple and tasty, baked style recipe using fillets of this tasty fish:

Really Orange Roughy

Sadly, the roughy fisheries are becoming quite depleted. Better hurry and get yours soon! Or you can switch to a more sustainable fish, such as pollack, cod, or halibut from the Pacific ocean. Any of these will work as well as roughy in this dish. Even trout, I believe, will do fine. The nice thing about this dish is its low-calorie content without scrimping on flavor!

Enjoy the (Rough and Red-dy) Heat!

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