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WordPress 3.0


As many of you may remember, I use WordPress for my websites. I got started into blogging several years ago, when WordPress was the apparent “cream of the crop” in the CMS category for someone who was a) unwilling to learn Dreamweaver (or similar) and b) broke. Free was good enough for me, although the whole field felt more like a hobbyist environment. So, I became a hobbyist blogger.

There have been certain “issues” over time with the platform, and at times I’ve gotten so frustrated with managing the appearance and content through WordPress that I considered giving up blogging. I never really considered changing to another platform, though. It’s my (admittedly, slightly biased) opinion that WP is still the premier CMS platform for bloggers like me. (See the two points above, if you’ve forgotten what I mean; and no, I haven’t won Powerball yet, so the second point still controls.)

I’ll be upgrading all my sites soon to 3.0, including this one. If I suddenly disappear from the blogosphere, send out a search posse! If you notice any unusual glitches over the next few days, leave me a comment here and I’ll see if it’s my blunderings technical prowess, or if I should report a bug to WP. Meanwhile, here’s a video of the new platform in action, for your edification:

If this thingie really works as advertised, the Chile Underground will be the best damned chile pepper site on the Web! But then, you already suspected that…

Enjoy the (Better, Stronger, Faster Website) Heat!

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2 comments to WordPress 3.0 “Thelonius” Is Here; Let the Upgrades Begin!

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