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Better Roast Chicken, the Real Man Way: Cinnamon Curry Beer-Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

Who doesn’t like roast chicken? It’s a favorite, naturally. And since the invention of Beer-Can Chicken, even Real Men have enjoyed their roasted bird, because it involves drinking beer, setting fires, scorching animals and eating with their fingers. (If it also had something to to with nubile wenches of negotiable affection, said Real Men would think they’d died and gone to heaven.)

Beer-Can Chicken always makes a moist and tender roast fowl. It’s even rather forgiving of whether or not you use a great canned beer. (Is that an oxymoron?) And we’re talking Really Bad Beer here. Maybe you find yours on the list? If so, consider spending 20 cents more a case and getting a good version, like one of these.

Once you have your beer, set one aside for the chicken recipe and dig in. When the time is right (that is, when your personal nubile wench, the one you married years ago, tells you it’s time to grill), open that last beer, drink half and get the chicken ready:

This version of the recipe requires a bit more time and attention than the usual, which mostly involves heating the grill and stuffing the half-full can up the bird’s, er, cavity. No, this one you’ll need to be careful with, and you’ll even need a bit of coordinated motion to make it work. So maybe next time you set aside half the case for later? Okay, just so we understand each other. Anyway, collect the spices and get the other stuff ready to hand. You can seed and chop the tomatoes early, and set the yogurt out to warm up.

Did I mention the yogurt? I know, I know; you actually believe that “yogurt” and “Real Man” can’t be said in the same sentence. Well, this recipe will change your mind on that niggling little misunderstanding. Anyhow, it doesn’t go ON the bird, it goes BESIDE the roasted chicken at serving time. Which means you can ignore it, like you usually do most every other sauce. (I don’t include BBQ sauce in that statement; everybody knows that’s an essential liquid, and not a side dish.)

If you like your dish on the mild side, skip the Kashmiri chile powder. On the other hand, if you’re buckin’ to renew your Real Man certification, then go for extra hot stuff. After all, they invented Maalox and Tums, so go ahead, live a little. The nice thing about this recipe is, you can adjust to fit your tastebuds du jour. Just remember, if you get lazy and leave out all the spices then you’re back to plain ol’ ordinary Beer-Can Chicken; which is okay, if you like that sort of thing…

Enjoy the (Curry and Beer Chicken) Heat!

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