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Hurricane Landfall Imminent! Take Cover (Out to Your Grill)


The hurricane’s almost here! Don’t shut down your grills on that account, though; just get a big ol’ hat and keep going. Texans don’t stop doing the Important Stuff just because some big blow’s in the area. (We’ve survived Obama pretty well so far, in fact. But I digress.) Besides, there are other uses for that hat once the weather gets back to normal for this time of year. Such as keeping the sun off of sensitive skin. Or watering your horse. (One of the original uses for many Stetsons.) Or making a tent, if the hat’s large enough.

But that’s for later. Right now, you need it to keep the rain off while you grill dinner.

What’re you having? Me, I’m not sure. There are some steaks in the freezer that desperately need eating. Maybe they make the ultimate sacrifice tonight. If that’s not what the wifey and I want, then I’m not sure; chicken’s all gone. Fish is for later in the week. Already had hamburgers, and even burritos. Maybe I’ll stop at the store and get some nice pork chops. Yeah, that sounds good! And singe some pineapple, Anaheim chiles and yellow squash for the side.

I wonder if I’ve got enough stuff to make another pitcher of hurricanes

Enjoy the (Doin’ It Under Cover) Heat!

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