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Friday Follies: Gifts for the Fun-Loving Foodie in Your Life

Gag gifts are supposed to be fun. Okay, so maybe some of them also make you gag a bit. Loosen up! It’s all in good fun. (I almost said good, clean fun. Not always, as you’ll see.)

Kotula’s advertises as “The Guys With the Goods.” Gifts galore! Some examples: A beer pager; a cell phone […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-07-29

Chef Michael Symon discusses 'Cook Like an Iron Chef', extending the brand: http://exm.nr/9EkahK #
Yum! Homemade pickles quick: chicagotribune.com http://bit.ly/aB8gWp #
Warm Weather Watermelon Crabmeat-Kissed South Seas Soup – San Jose Mercury News http://bit.ly/a4KHy0 #

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Hot Bytes for 2010-07-27

Christina Applegate Craving 'Weird' Food: http://bit.ly/9CftBP. I understand cravings, but how is avocado "weird" ? #
Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Sued By Former Staff Members. Another celebrity chef "atttacked:" http://bit.ly/cZEuWA #
Vegetarian Tempeh Curry (Indian Recipe) http://bit.ly/aaK3Kf #

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Monday Review: Amy's and Cathy's, Best Sandwiches in Seguin!

It’s been a while since I reviewed an eatery. Last week I found the perfect candidate: Amy’s and Cathy’s Takeout, on the square in Seguin. This little-known eatery is a gem, a real find in the sleepy little town I now call home. (Again.) Amy and Cathy use an interesting business model: Serve home-made […]

Grilling Weekend: Chicken and Ribs

The hot weather continues here in central Texas; which isn’t much news if you’re familiar with the region. Nothing swirling in the Gulf to cool us off either. Which means It’s Grilling Time again!

Wifey got home from playing with the new baby, her sister’s, for what seemed like a month. It wasn’t quite that […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-07-24

Weird food combinations: http://bit.ly/cewfBG. What's so weird about peanut butter and sriracha on toast? #
Turn up the heat and dance! Oxnard Salsa Festival: http://bit.ly/cewWtk #
Food a key ingredient in author's mystery books: http://bit.ly/cc9JP0 My kind or author; also a great cook! #
Tacos al Pastor, just like you used to get from the street vendors: […]

Friday Follies: Making a Clean Breast of a Drinking Problem

It’s amazing how the Internet can distract you these days. With my wife’s birthday only a couple weeks away, I began to search for the ideal gift. Before you know it, I’m looking at bar & wine tools. And what comes up on the first page of such a search? A Wine Rack, of […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-07-23

Anthony Ricco: My Trip To Southeast Asia, and How It Influenced The Spice Market Menu http://huff.to/cQ02dz. Yes, Asia does that to you… #
My new grandmother's cooking changed me forever – Eating and Talking – Salon.com http://bit.ly/aRKMBQ Indian food and more… #
Quinoa: versatile superfood http://bit.ly/b9nQvC Gluten-free, complete protein, vegan; cures cancer? Malaria? Acne? Uhh; […]