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Friday Follies: Has Extreme Eating Hot Dog Turned Chicken?

Hot Dog

It’s the Fourth of July Weekend. You know what that means, yes? It’s Grilling Time! (I had to say it different, somehow.)

However, we’re going to step aside from all that today. Seems there’s something too big to ignore going on this weekend; bigger than a mere holiday can explain. The Fourth is also a prime weekend for extreme eating, including the world-famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. With that on the menu, who needs to grill stuff? (Well, you and I do, but we can do that later, right? RIGHT??)

Who’s favored to win the Nathan’s this year? You might think multiple winner Takeru Kobayashi. Once upon a time you’d be right. However, he’s not won the Independence Day event in four years. Seems there’s a bigger player out there these days, one with the (ahem) stomach for winning. Joey Chestnut is 4-0 the last four years, and he’s back.

That appears to be enough to get Taka to bow out.

It’s the end of an era, I tell you. Little Japanese boys will no longer have their hero in America, downing America’s national food the tube steak, in prodigious quantities to show how to climb out of poverty and into fame, fortune and angioplasty. No, they won’t have their pint-sized, provender-polishing paragon to look, er, up to (after a fashion).

So: Does this mean that Kobayashi, the ultimate extreme eating hot-dog, has turned chicken? Only time will tell

Enjoy the (Overeating Special) Heat!

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