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Is Grilling a Mystery to You? Then You Really Need to Read This Thriller

Mixed Grill

As many of you may know, I enjoy writing fiction. (No, I don’t include the posts hereabouts in that action. Well, mostly I don’t. Okay, okay; OFTEN I don’t. Satisfied?) My personal favorites include science fiction and action-adventure, but a good murder mystery is a joy to read. I don’t think I have the twisted mind it takes to plot and build a solid mystery, though. (That’s quite enough out of you, Tom.)

There ARE some things that mystery readers and authors have in common with the all the folks here at the Underground, writers and elves alike. Such as (Drum Roll, Please): They love to cook. And eat. And grill! You need evidence? Look here. That’s 102 ideas for grilling from the Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen.

Okay, they cheated, just a teensy bit. You see, there’s actually only one grilling recipe in that post. From the Mystery Lovers, I mean. The other 101 are from Mark Bittman‘s column in the New York Times. Which means the mystery lovers have yet another trait in common with the Undergrounders.

We only steal from the very best.

Mixed Grill Too

Actually, steal is such a large word. And hard to pronounce, with your mouth full of great grilled goodies. Borrow is a reasonable substitute, in my humble opinion. Mr. Bittman’s minimalist ideas are sublime, too, which makes them tempting targets. You should have no guilt about borrowing them, however. After all, he publishes them frequently, and he can stand the extra advertising, I’m sure. Besides, who’s ever heard of any food column in the New York Times? I mean, who in Texas has ever heard of it? Okay, maybe you have, once. But I bet you forgot about it until I reminded you! Now you’ll be eternally grateful to the Underground for reminding you, and for pointing out how a Yankeeland rag can be useful.

It’s all part of the great services we provide, for free, just because we love you stop by and read our time-wasting drivel peruse our magnificent posts…

Enjoy the (Many, Many Grilled Goodies) Heat!

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