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Computer Software Upgrade Imminent; Take Shelter

Hammering the Compie

Beginning today, I will attempt to get Win7 and Office 2010 installed on my traveling workcenter. I managed to get good prices for each piece, and I want to check them out on my laptop; I already have Win7 on my newest desktop, and I like it (so far). However, the installation advisor says I have a lot of things to fix on my laptop before Win7 will install and be (mostly) happy: printer drivers, video drivers, a new BIOS and more. So I’ll be gathering and installing those items first. I do find it odd, though, that a machine that was leading-edge technology 30 months ago is now so old and decrepit that I need to rebuild it before upgrading the operating system.

If I’m not back in a few days, send out the search party…

Enjoy the (Frustrated Upgrade) Heat!

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