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Singapore Does Odd Foods Better Than Anybody Else

Mad Gator

A post today on the CNN International website reminds me of some of the meals I ate while visiting Singapore. The post lists five weird dishes that Singaporeans enjoy:

  1. Kacang Phool
  2. Fuzhou UFOs
  3. Eel Skin Crisps
  4. Steamed Shark’s Head
  5. Alligator Paws

I’m no Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern. I am a bit adventurous with what I eat. I draw the line at truly odd items, though. From the list above, I can honestly say I’ve only tried the eel skin crisps, and I didn’t really enjoy them (although they were nicely fried). I assume these are all acquired tastes. The braised alligator paws are the scariest dish I’ve ever seen, and I was three tables away. They purport to deliver all sorts of health benefits, although I note, it’s not at all healthy for the poor alligator…

Enjoy the (Weird Asian) Heat!

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