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Fish 4 Friday: A Very Easy Way to Make Fish Taste Good

Fried Fish Fillet

Hey Kids! What Time Is It? It’s time to bake fish, that’s what time it is. (Fooled you with that one, eh? You gotta keep up hereabouts or you’ll get left way behind.) Of course you can grill fish, but this time we’re going to bake the stuff. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s poring down rain here, so the grill cover is closed for the day. (Besides, the CU elves have misplaced my umbrella.)

I’m not as big a fan of fish as my spouse, though I’m always on the lookout for a quick, tasty way to deal with the piscine pieces. Today’s recipe is one of the easiest I’ve seen, and the whole thing, start to finish, is done in under thirty minutes. I’ve even demonstrated that a cyclone cooker can be used to produce edible, nay, tasty product with this one:

Tilapia is a nice, white-fleshed fish for this dish. It has the least “fishy” taste of any I know of. I know, if your fish is really fresh it doesn’t taste fishy. Well, tilapia tastes even less so. However, if you object to using what some folks call a “trash fish” in your meals, then feel free to substitute. This recipe can be made in so many variations you’ll never get to try them all, even if you really enjoy (and eat a lot of) fish for dinner. You can change the sauces, the cheese, and of course, the spices. The version posted to the archives is quite mild, but feel free to add crushed dried chiles, chile powder, or fresh, minced peppers. You really can’t hurt this one!

Tilapia is also relatively cheap, in case you’re on a budget…

Edited Addition: The F4F Recipes Page is now up! Take a peek here.

Enjoy the (Versatile Baked Fish) Heat!

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