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Monday Mildies: Braised Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Grilling isn’t the only way to prepare tasty pork chops. It may be the oldest, and I would argue grilling gives the best flavor. However, sometimes you don’t have a grill handy. Or it’s busted. (Send immediately for help, of course.) Or you live where the environmental regulations won’t let you grill. Whatever the excuse reason, you’ll likely need a “Plan B” for preparing your dinner. Well, have we got a recipe for you! There’s only one small, tiny catch, hardly worth mentioning:

It’s not spicy.

If you can get past the emotional turmoil that ugly fact causes, then read on; you’ll be glad you did:

Okay, so the zest is MIA. Something very important IS in there, though. Actually, it’s something else that’s missing. Several somethings. (I think I’m getting confused.) What else is missing? Salt, sugar, and calories. These chops weigh in at about 240 calories each, which leaves plenty of room to reach 500 or so for a full dinner while you’re on a diet. If you’re watching your salt intake, there’s a minimum in this dish. And sugar? None added. Zip. Nada, zilch, bupkes. It’s even gluten-free.

Besides, who says you have to leave the zing out? Adding red pepper flakes, during braising or when you make the sauce, will certainly spice things up. Or add some Kashmiri chile powder (or similar) and you’ll get all the zap you want. Just don’t use chili powder if you’re avoiding salt…

Enjoy the (Mild but Tasty) Heat!

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