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Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: CU Hits 600 Posts!

Break out the Good Hootch and warm up the squeezeboxes; it’s Time to Grill Party! The Chile Underground, the finest Underground on the whole Interwebz thingie, has reached the striking, monumental, wondrous, incomparable, and might we say, incomprehensible level of 600 posts! Yep, you’re right, that’s downright amazing. (I know, Tom; you predicted it […]

YumSugar Tests an Explosion: The Latest Kraft Mac & Cheese

PopSugar is an aggregator megaportal that has lots of blogs, pictures and reviews. YumSugar is the food blog there, and often has interesting and useful information. (As an aside: I don’t visit YumSugar often, as I don’t find the megaportal to be my style. Your mileage may vary.) A recent YumSugar post caught my […]