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YumSugar Tests an Explosion: The Latest Kraft Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

PopSugar is an aggregator megaportal that has lots of blogs, pictures and reviews. YumSugar is the food blog there, and often has interesting and useful information. (As an aside: I don’t visit YumSugar often, as I don’t find the megaportal to be my style. Your mileage may vary.) A recent YumSugar post caught my eye: Kraft Foods is producing a new version of their ever-popular, blue-box Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. If Yum’s take on this new stuff is right, then kids across America will rejoice.

The new variation is called “Cheddar Explosion.” The marketing on the package promises “More Cheese Sauce, Bigger Shapes.” YumSugar reports that, in this instance, there really IS truth in advertising. During the taste testing one participant was heard to say, “Why don’t they just make all of it like this?” As a dad who watched his Favorite Daughterperson open two boxes of Kraft M&C just to get a double dose of cheese powder for a single portion of noodles, I know why Kraft went this way.

YumSugar reports that the test samples they got were the microwave-in-a-cup style product. I don’t know when (or if) this version will make the Big Time and come out in its own Big Blue Box. (Yeah, I know; the actual blue box isn’t that big. But “THE Box” is gigantic with the kids.) I wonder how the new stuff tastes with Sriracha or Tabasco? I know folks who liberally dose their Kraft with red sauce. (Some right around here, even.) I’ve even seen folks put salsa in theirs. I always say, whatever bastes your turkey, it’s your call.

While it’s processed cheese in this product, just like the regular stuff, it’s Really Good Processed Cheese Product Substitute Simulacrum…

Enjoy the (Mac & Cheesiest) Heat!

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