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The Bachelor Brigade Does Chicken (and More)


Grilled ChickenAfter a long week sweating over a hot research project, I was ready to kill and grill something. Deric and Kai had spent the day moving dead trees and burning them, so they had mostly gotten their Real Man requirements done. Especially the burning something dead. However, their fire wasn’t really suited for cooking; as long as you discount S’Mores for dessert. I looked in the fridge, and Shockers! There wasn’t anything in there to grill! I had to sit down, I was hyperventilating.

That’s when it hit me: There’s about six tons of beef, right outside my door! A whole herd of cows, in fact. I was madly digging in the knife drawer, looking for my sharpest paring knife, when Deric stopped in. He suggested we go to the store instead. Then I got an even better idea: Not just any store, how about a new HEB store? Only eleven miles away. It’s now our closest HEB store, in fact; nearly 2 miles closer than going the other direction. I mean hey, we may live in the Boonies out here, but civilization isn’t THAT far away.

So we made the trip and only got lost twice. (Deric needs to learn his left from his right, when reading a GPS.) The new grocery store was still having some great Grand Opening style sales, and we stocked up. (That’ll teach PJ not to put a limit on the card!) We got chicken, ribs, burger, more chicken (a buck a pound!!), pineapple, veggies, bread; the works. And some grub for the worthless cats and Sonia the Red. (That’s what broke the credit limit honey, honest.) The rest of the story comes from a post to Buzz:

The Bachelor Brigade is having a tough time of it at the Ranch, all alone like we are and all. At least they have the continuous fire to amuse them; and no, it’s not the Ranchhouse that’s burning. (That was a rumor, we got THAT one under control before the volunteer fire crew got here.)

Dinner tonight was a sad affair. For the hapless chickens we consumed, I mean. Deric made his world-famous, Secret Family Recipe marinade. We grilled the chicken after it chilled in the sauce for three hours. In the meantime, we trapped and dressed some pineapple chunks and scorched those as well. Salad and stomped taters (w/ gravy, Deric’s request) rounded out the menu.

Deric was too full to eat dessert. But then, he forgot to save some of his grilled pineapple to put on top of his Blue Bell, so maybe it was just as well. Kai headed back over early; I think maybe he was having to roll most of the way, and with stopping regularly to remove the accumulated sticker burrs, he needed a head start or it would be sunup before he got there.

Not much other news from Ranch Woebegon. We’re planning to continue to suffer tomorrow, because all we have to eat are some bony ol’ ribs. And no Jitterbug to fix’em for us. So store up your pity for us and send it along as soon as you can, with more money…

Deric and I decided we would attempt to make ribs as fine as the legendary Jitterbug’s for tomorrow’s feast skimpy supper. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing…

Enjoy the (Zesty Grilled Chicken) Heat!

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