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Fish 4 Friday: Red Snapper Veracruz


Time to take a short break from the grill. (Well, sort of.) I noticed in the store the other day that red snapper was available at a good price, and that got me to thinking. PJ likes snapper, usually stuffed with something like crab. But putting the fish into a nice sauce is also a pleasant way to enjoy that fish.

Enter Red Snapper Veracruz.

Veracruz is a town in Mexico renowned for its seafood dishes. Fresh snapper (and more) are readily available, and they certainly know how to make their fish dishes taste good! If you can’t find snapper, or some other mild tasting fish is available, try that. It’s really more about the sauce (this time). Just remember that snapper is a very low-fat fish.

Adjusting the zest in this dish is also a (wait for it) snap. If you like spicer, use more Serrano chiles. Many of you may want milder, though; in that case, seed the chiles before dicing, or switch to a milder chile. Canned green chiles are an option. Or (gasp) consider leaving the chiles out altogether; although that’s not really the way the do it in Veracruz…

Enjoy the (Zapped Snapper) Heat!

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