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Friday Follies: Making a Clean Breast of a Drinking Problem

The Wine Rack

It’s amazing how the Internet can distract you these days. With my wife’s birthday only a couple weeks away, I began to search for the ideal gift. Before you know it, I’m looking at bar & wine tools. And what comes up on the first page of such a search? A Wine Rack, of course. Not exactly what I expected. It does sort of fill out the options, so to speak. A growth opportunity for the industry too! Much more chic than the companion Beer Belly.

The unusual intimate undergarment demonstrated above will hold a full bottle of wine, or even a fifth of gin. Besides hiding the luscious liquid, it will improve most lady’s measurements by a couple of cup sizes. Early in the evening that might be important. (Later, not so much.) I have no idea about temperature, either inside the “flasks” or against the skin. There could be other benefits here, I suppose.

I think I still need to keep looking for that perfect birthday gift for the wifey, though…

Enjoy the (Libidinous Libation) Heat!

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