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Friday Follies: Gifts for the Fun-Loving Foodie in Your Life

Big Beer

Gag gifts are supposed to be fun. Okay, so maybe some of them also make you gag a bit. Loosen up! It’s all in good fun. (I almost said good, clean fun. Not always, as you’ll see.)

Kotula’s advertises as “The Guys With the Goods.” Gifts galore! Some examples: A beer pager; a cell phone flask; a beer glass that holds a whole six-pack of your favorite brew; a wine glass that accomodates a whole bottle of your favorite Mogen-David or Boone’s Farm; a camoflauge holster toolbelt that holds six canned sandwiches. If you’re looking for non-food related gifts, there’s the ever-popular talking toilet paper spindle, a pink flamingo petting zoo (ideal for folks who can only afford a single-wide), and a radio-controlled rat.

The one true gag gift, though, is a coffee mug that is shaped like a small commode. It also works for other beverages, so don’t hold back! Get one for everybody in your neighborhood or work group, whether they drink coffee or not.

Kotula’s sells a lot of nice gift items too, so you can actually buy something for your friends there. With Christmas just a short ways away, you should maybe stop by…

Enjoy the (Funny Foodie Gifts) Heat!

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