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A Sandwich That Delivers a Blast of Asian Zest

School’s moving right along now. We’re not quite to the “same ol’ grind” stage, but just thinking about the grind made me hungry. For a grinder. Also known as a sub sandwich or a hoagie. (I can hear the purists loading up their slingshots with gobstoppers for ammo. Okay, they’re not exactly the same […]

Got Modern Kids? Then Give Them the Ketchup They Crave

Kids these days. I’ll tell you. They are not only the same picky eaters that your parents accused you of being, they want stuff you never considered. Like spicy food. Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, all with plenty of zing on the tongue. Even school lunchrooms are paying attention to the trends in spicy and zesty. […]

Da Dawgs are Back! Time to Herd Some Ducks…

Classes started today. I’ll list that as the excuse for the paucity of daily postings hereabouts. After all, as “new” faculty hereabouts, there have been more meetings than the BP disaster glee club. HR, committees, welcome this and signing that; the amount of stuff to do was frankly surprising, and I can’t really be […]

Summer’s Over, School is Here: Let the Games Begin!

Classes haven’t officially started yet, but we’re ramping up here at the University for Yet Another Semester. It’s my first as full-time faculty, and I’m already about a month behind. Or so. Teaching a full load of chemistry classes and labs at a liberal-arts school isn’t for the faint of heart! I’ll be leading […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-08-15

Spice Usage Soars: http://bit.ly/bxyY05. Over three pounds of flavor per person each year! This part of the economy's doing well… #
Tyler Florence Talks 'The Great Food Truck Race'; let's hope it's not a train wreck in progress… http://bit.ly/aDyBIL #
The 50 best cookbooks: recipes from our top 10 | The Observer: http://bit.ly/b0lbBz #
The 50 best […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-08-14

Sir, You Have a Pea Plant in Your Lungs: http://bit.ly/cZOSsr. #
Iowa Chef Fined for Licking Toads. Now that's just gross! (Although, there WAS this girl in college…) http://bit.ly/a3LwP6 #
Down The Hatch! – The Chiles are Coming… http://bit.ly/cadARQ #
Miriam's Garden: Cherry tomato recipes. What to do with some of summer's tasty abundance! http://bit.ly/dv8TdS #
Food: We All […]

Friday Follies: Who Says the Apocalypse Ain’t Here? Pop-Tarts World…

On Tuesday the End of the World as We Know It made an appearance, and almost nobody noticed…

The Location: Times Square, New York. (That ought to give you a clue, right there.) The Scene: The Grand Opening of the new, unique, and glamorous Pop-Tarts World. That’s what I said: Pop-Tarts World. Yep, sushi has […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-08-08

Food and fiddle music spice up Cajun life (And it's Good) http://bit.ly/9dHdL6 #
White Folks Demand Freedom From Weird Asian Food; a truly strange blog entry: http://bit.ly/cDGwts #
Recipe: Garden Gazpacho, an outstanding summer soup! The Providence Journal http://bit.ly/c18lDw #
Recipe – Celery and Tofu Salad – Chef food from the Szechuan Gourmet, Manhattan: NYTimes.com http://nyti.ms/dzGi7J #

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