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Any Restaurant With Tequila in the Name is the Place for Me


My father-in-law and I hadn’t been on a major foraging expedition in something like three weeks. (Kai wanted to go along too, and we were too soft-hearted to say no.) For us, that’s like more than five months. (In dog years.) There were chores to be done, and parts to be gathered in town. We had to drop off a mower-tractor to be repaired, and so on. All that certainly brought on a healthy appetite.

One restaurant we’re learning to enjoy in Seguin is Taqueria Tequila Jalisco, on Kingsbury Street. Tasty Tex-Mex! Not a place that puts on airs, the ambiance is pure taqueria. The wait staff would prefer to talk to you in Spanish, and I’ve learned not to make any high-brow jokes while ordering as it confuses folks. The last thing I need is for my order to get mixed up! Although there are few things on the menu that I wouldn’t eat, actually.

If you’ve got your sights set on fancy (or expensive) food, then this isn’t the place for you. If you’re looking for authentic flavors at a good price, though, then it’s a great option. The menu has about fifty items, and they can make most any Tex-Mex or taqueria favorite you have as well. One special item that you don’t find many places is birria, a stew usually made with cabrito. This is a Mexican-American comfort food dish, and certainly worth a try. I understand it doesn’t cure hangovers like menudo, though.

The thing I like the most is their pico de gallo. It’s fresh-cut, with plenty of chiles and onions, and a good citrus back-bite that keeps the stuff sliding down nicely. The chips are always warm and crisp too, unlike some other places I’ve eaten at recently. The special was a mixed plate of cheese enchiladas and carne guisada, with homemade corn tortillas on the side. Washed down with freshly brewed iced tea, the meal was a lifesaver. I felt so good I simply had to lie down as soon as I got back to the Barracks. Just for a while, you understand…

If you’re in the area, consider stopping in and enjoying a plate of tacos or other Tex-Mex specialty. Taqueria Tequila Jalisco, 1005 E. Kingsbury St., Seguin, TX 830-372-4132. Takeout and dine-in.

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Enjoy the (Tasty Taqueria Tequila) Heat!

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