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Friday Follies: Who Says the Apocalypse Ain’t Here? Pop-Tarts World…

Pop-Tarts Logo

On Tuesday the End of the World as We Know It made an appearance, and almost nobody noticed…

The Location: Times Square, New York. (That ought to give you a clue, right there.) The Scene: The Grand Opening of the new, unique, and glamorous Pop-Tarts World. That’s what I said: Pop-Tarts World. Yep, sushi has taken on a whole new dimension, right there in the middle of things. (At least New Yorkers would claim it’s the middle. From way down here, we’re not so sure.) You can go in and lay your cash down and get an immediate sugar overload. Prices range from Rice Krispies Treats with Pop-Tarts Pieces for $1.29 to a variety of concoctions starting at $4.29, not including toppings (50 cents each). They’re just like you used to eat as a kid, only more expensive. And hand-prepared. At least the topping art is. Non-pareils, choco syrup and more.

One of the points of interest in all this: Kellogg’s, the maker of Pop-Tarts, had the COO of Gigunda Group, the marketing organization that is executing this idea, present for the Grand Opening. He was quoted, when asked about all the calories on the nutritional facts lists, as saying, “Kellogg’s takes nutrition very seriously– It’s also a good way to provide information if people have food allergies.” That’s the best they can do? Food Allergies? WHAT ABOUT THE CALORIES??

Maybe he’d already done too much sampling of the product himself, and was slipping into a diabetic coma all his own. Or maybe that’s just the way New Yorkers think about this kind of stuff…

Enjoy the (Sucrose Overdose) Heat!

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