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Da Dawgs are Back! Time to Herd Some Ducks…

Dog and Duck

Classes started today. I’ll list that as the excuse for the paucity of daily postings hereabouts. After all, as “new” faculty hereabouts, there have been more meetings than the BP disaster glee club. HR, committees, welcome this and signing that; the amount of stuff to do was frankly surprising, and I can’t really be considered a rookie at this stuff. Still, it’s been fun, enlightening, energizing, and a massive drain on my food blogging resources.

The preliminaries are behind us, though. Say what you want about the economic situation, and schools struggling for students and so on; I’ve got the largest Organic class ever in the history of this university, and my Intro to Chemistry is oversubscribed too. We’ll see if my particular prosperity survives contact with my first tests.

I already ate a Lucky’s, to start the semester off right. A nice tuna sub with Baja Sauce, just the right amount of zest and spice. With extra dill pickles, it was a fine meal. I’ll be back for more of that sort of fare this semester, as there clearly won’t be time to go off-campus but once a week (if that) for lunch, and I don’t have the facilities to prepare bring-along sack lunches.

Oh well.

That said, it’s time I get back to prepping for lecture. I feel a lot like Lucky the Bulldog (pictured above), trying to get his duck in a row. I’m sure, if I ever get the time to slow down, that I’ll truly wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. Thank Heaven for overloads…

Enjoy the (Back to School) Heat!

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