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Fish 4 Friday: A Hum-Dinger of a Seafood Chowder as We Say Goodbye to GYCOM

It’s the last day of GYCOM, and I’m sad. Sad that it went by so fast! I didn’t get to post nearly as many great recipes as I would have liked. Oh well, there’s always next year…

I’m happy too, though; pleased to share today’s recipe with you. It’s a soup, so officially it fits […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-09-29

All We Can Eat – Smoke Signals: The glory of Hatch chiles. It's that time of year again! http://bit.ly/dq5GP0 #
Almost Genius: Futuristic Food Court by Blade Runner's Set Designer, Syd Mead | http://bit.ly/9jYqKx #
What to Do With Excess Spam and Tomatoes: Carve them, cook them, have fun… http://bit.ly/9k3nPh #
Ellen Kanner: Meatless Monday: Off The (Meat) […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-09-27

Chef Emeril Lagasse to promote Gulf Safe Mississippi seafood – Maybe it's time to take the plunge on Gulf fish again… http://bit.ly/bKwSL8 #
The Genetically Engineered Salmon Debate Gets Fishy Smell… Sorting this out is a whole other kettle of fish! NPR http://n.pr/9ypmQw #
Southeast Asian cooking at the World Expo in Shanghai (in case you're in […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-09-26

The Latest Threat to Industrial Agriculture: The Local Foods Movement? (Hint: It is, or it isn't.) http://huff.to/bnJoJ6 #
Americanizing Asia: Taco Bell hopes to spice up South Korea (Too bad it's not really Mexican)… http://bit.ly/cge8jB #
Chili time is cornbread time – the perfect side for the Breakfast of Champions! Bridgewater Independent http://bit.ly/bRCmrn #
Making chili? Use your […]

Friday Follies: WonkaWorld? What's Next??

Arguably, it’s about food…

In spite of the story’s bizarre line, I still enjoy the Gene Wilder version of the Chocolate Factory. (Sorry, Johnny.) Okay, I can’t watch it every day, right? Too much chocolate. And it makes me eat. A lot.

Which is why a recent news article about the newest, largest Wonka store in […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-09-23

Swiss Chard Chili – Not my personal choice, but certainly appetizing-looking! – Slashfood http://bit.ly/amiStf #

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Hot Bytes for 2010-09-20

Make a Spout for a Bag of Spice Using an Old Bottle; a great way to reuse/recycle… Green Prophet http://bit.ly/cwLttY #
7 Must-Have Hispanic Herbs and Spices (AND you can use those recycled bottle spouts too!) http://bit.ly/bykUdB #
Neighbors enjoy food, friends at Chile Fest; it might have been small, but it was fun! | The Coloradoan […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-09-17

'Killing My Lobster Holds the Mayo' A play to go see if you're in San Francisco… http://bit.ly/c7xYLw #
How has gluten-free become so popular? – Food Allergies | Latest food news – Salon.com http://bit.ly/9XtA3D #
A Taste of India: Spices of life evident in exotic dishes. (And it's VERY Good!) The Clarion-Ledger http://bit.ly/bLRS8i #
When it’s chilly outside, […]