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Soooeee! National Bacon Day is Here!

Crinkly Bacon

Bacon has seen an explosion of interest in the past few years. Naturallyl, it never went completely out of favor. After all, anything that’s used to make filet mignon taste better can’t disappear! Recently, though, there’s even been shome spot shortages of the tasty strips of heavenly flavor.

Well, that’s all behind us now. We’ve got National Bacon Day! And it’s today. That’s right, today! (Hear the sound effects in the background? That’s not a tsunami, that’s all those bacon-lovers celebrating.)

It’s been said there are only two kinds of people in the world. Those who love bacon, and those who love bacon and don’t admit it. Possibly a stronger truth than the observation that 86.37% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Shoot, the stuff’s even so good that there are some Jewish folk who are in favor of eating the tasty meat ribbons.

Glazed Pig

Websites about bacon now abound. One of the oldest (and still best, in my opinion) is Bacon Unwrapped. Heather’s even published a book, which is also part of the New Wave on bacon info. Another oldie is I [Heart] Bacon. There are some great online stores selling bacon of all kinds, plus kitchen tools and other goodies related to bacon, like Bacon Freak. I mentioned books; there are more than ever available from sellers like Amazon.

Many new ways to prepare bacon have made their way into the news recently as well. Naturally there’s Baconnaise, the sauce that makes everything (that needs a sauce) taste better. It’s even kosher! Or how about some Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle? Shoot, the growing bacon explosion even has a mascot: The Bacon Explosion!

If you search the Chile Underground for bacon (or use the handy category widget on the left sidebar), you’ll find plenty more examples to amaze and amuse you. Go out and get some now! Everybody will thank you. (Well, maybe not the pig.) Get going, you can’t get too early a start on bringin’ home the bacon…

Enjoy the (Juicy Pork Heaven) Heat!

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