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Hermine's Gift of Rain a Bit Too Much in Some Places



Hurricane Hermine came ashore on the Mexican coast overnight, just south of Brownsville. Okay, maybe she was only a very strong Tropical Storm. She still packed a noticeable punch. Quite a bit of damage in extreme northeast Mexico. Then she turned her wrath on deep south Texas, traveling slowly to the north and raining like a beer-swilling brown cow taking a leak on a humongous flat rock.

She was one of the fastest-growing such storms in history, but she took her own sweet time dying. We got about four inches of rain at the Ranch, which is greatly appreciated this time of year. Some locations, however, were getting Even More Rain as I finished this report. It appears that some areas up near Austin will receive a dozen inches of rain before it’s all over.

Hopefully the house that the bank rents to us, and that we’re desperately trying to sell, survived the event well. (Then again, there’s always insurance.) I bet we don’t get any visitors this week, though; folks will be too busy recovering from the storm to worry about house-hunting.

It’s been an interesting year in Texas for tropical weather, so far. We got wet in south Texas from Alex, early on, and also TD 2. Other Gulf systems have dumped on us a bit as well. And it doesn’t look like we’re completely done yet; there’s a bad-looking spot out near the Windwards, and projections indicate it could be here in 6-8 days as a major hurricane. Another female-named storm to boot. I guess we’re lucky that way.

There was so much going on at school and in the community that I didn’t get to do any cooking today. Maybe tomorrow, once the rains slow down and things begin to dry out…

Enjoy the (Soaked to the Gills) Heat!

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