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Fish 4 Friday: Zesty Grilled Trout, Anyone? How About With Tamarind?

Dried Chiles

It may be GYCOM, but that doesn’t mean everything’s gotta be chili or soup. We’ll take a small detour today, into the realm of grilled fish. It’s still grilling weather down here, and I know that trout season is still rolling along in other locales. Here’s a way to avoid the dreaded, boring “Same Ol’ Grilled Trout” syndrome. (I hear it’s a very bad disease, something like athlete’s food of the tastebuds.)

Some of you may not be familiar with tamarind paste, and the great sauces you can make with the stuff. Well, never fear, the Chile Underground Elves are ready to help you with this problem as soon as I get their lazy butts out of their bunkbeds. Tamarind paste is now available at many specialty-food grocers, especially those that focus on Indian or Middle Eastern ingredients. You don’t have to work the tamarind seeds yourself, which is a joy that I’d like to spare you from. (I did it once, and my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for the effort it took us, nor for the lingering mess and odor.)

Grilled Trout

Here’s a tip for you folks who like to grill your trout right on the riverbank where you tricked caught them. Make the sauce up ahead of time at your house, and pack it in an air-tight plastic bottle. Preferably one of those camping or Tupperware items that looks like a syrup bottle. You can then pour it over the fish whenever you want. Heating the sauce isn’t hard, just stick it in your travel microwave for a couple of minutes. Oh, you don’t have one of those? Then pour the tamarind topping into a saucepan and set on the fire next to where you’re grilling the unfortunate pesky pisces. You can return the warmed sauce to the bottle for ease of handling and distribution when it’s time to eat…

Enjoy the (Asian-Style Grilled Trout) Heat!

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