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A Great Way to Start December: Road Trip to New Orleans!

Starting this morning, we’re on a raid road trip to New Orleans, in the next-door country of Louisiana. The American Chemical Society is holding a big party regional meeting, and we’re going as a group to present some chemical research. And eat spicy Cajun. And tour the rue Bourbon.

It’s purely educational, of course.

Seven of […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-11-29

Author fires up a pepper tome; he's a convert, has even more zesty recipes than I do! Chicago Tribune http://bit.ly/eoVKK5 #
Ravening horde done with the turkey carcass? Try Sandra Lee's Turkey Soup Recipe | Long Island Press http://bit.ly/evyMcZ #
Of course you cooked (and ate) too much. Here's what you can do with the leftovers… http://bit.ly/eEqFrw […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-11-26

Champion chili: Prize-winning cooks reveal professional secrets… http://bit.ly/eQvZVw #
As the weather cools down and football heats up, you need tasty chili recipes to kick off your party! http://bit.ly/fnm86v #

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Hot Bytes for 2010-11-23

Sage advice on Thanksgiving recipes with sage. (It's got a pun in it, it's for me.) http://bit.ly/gV9y7V #
Bubbly cheese dip and chorizo spiced chili great grub for Grey Cup party – If you're north of the Border, that is… http://bit.ly/i65u03 #
In Brooklyn, a Chili in the Air – What's next, Adobo in Joisey? http://on.wsj.com/gopKhK #
Started […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-11-22

Bobby Flay: A Big Fan of Pumpkins (and here's his secret pumpkin soup recipe) – CBS Sunday Morning – CBS News http://bit.ly/bWQbUC #
Spicy Sweet Potato and Bacon Casserole: I'm making this one for Turkey Day! – http://bit.ly/ckQ42Z http://bit.ly/9odxecng #
Cranberry makes the feast, at least for many of us; here are some berry goodies! The […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-11-21

Christmas chutney recipe; but with Thanksgiving iminent, why wait? | Mail Online http://bit.ly/9eeFPG #
Good Ol’ Sweet Potato Recipes; you know you want'em for Turkey Day | Old Database http://bit.ly/92HOy2 #
Thanksgiving Feast for Eight, for $10 a Plate… And you thought Thanksgiving had to be expensive! CBS News http://bit.ly/cMnI2L #

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Hot Bytes for 2010-11-20

Green Gram Muruku Recipe, just in time for Karthigai Deepam Recipe – Oneindia Living http://bit.ly/bqeNRX #
Delivering the three-bean flavor of vegetarian chili. (Personally, I think veggie chili portends the end of the world.) http://bit.ly/cPMKMl #
Hidden Holiday Food Allergy Dangers – Don't let food allergies ruin your feast! CBS News http://bit.ly/ba5DtO #
Don't like dairy with turkey? […]

Friday Follies: Drink More Whisky and Save the Earth, or How Drinking and Driving Can Work Together to Save the Environment

A recent article in the Guardian piqued my interest, as it had to do with Scotch whisky. When I looked closer, I realized it had to do with chemistry, which really grabbed my attention! And since I know you’re all dying for more chemistry lessons, I decided to bring this report to your attention.

It’s […]