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High's Restaurant: The Perfect Lunch Opportunity When You're Touring the Guadalupe Wine Trail


I know, Texas Wine Month is over. Gone. Kaputski. Defunct, expired, moribund. Dead, dead, dead. But that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying wine! Or for that matter, that we should stop talking about it entirely until next October.

While Paula Jo and I were out drinking our way across the countryside foraging through the Texas Hill Country recently, looking for anything that contained alcohol and poured only the best in wines for the coming Holidays, we decided we needed to find a good place for lunch. Someplace where tasty non-alcoholic calories could be found. Preferably someplace off the beaten path, quaint and maybe a bit whimsical. After all, we can eat in chain places whenever we want. (We usually don’t want, but sometimes it’s all there is.)

We found ourselves in Comfort, Texas, just about lunchtime. This sleepy little town doesn’t look like it would have much, at first glance. They’re near the Interstate, but far enough off that you wouldn’t stop there unless you already knew about the place, or maybe needed a pit stop. And I get the distinct impression the locals rather like it that way.

They certainly don’t want too many folks stopping by to eat lunch at High’s Café and Store. They want to keep it all to themselves. After eating there, we know why…

High Street is rather like Main Street in many small towns in Texas. Ones where the main road isn’t a big highway, I mean. Recently, several buildings have been renovated in Comfort, and there are a lot of touristy things to see and do. And right in the middle of it is the eponymous High’s Café. Part eatery, part store, and all “quaint.” Nice paintings (all for sale) hang on the walls, and lots of Texas-related items for sale. Cookbooks abound, including several by the Pastry Queen, a Texas icon. (She now lives in Austin, which isn’t that far from Comfort.) Plenty of knick-knacks and memorabilia.

We skipped all that and went right for the food.

High’s only serves lunch. And they certainly do it right! This place isn’t hardly bigger than a phone booth; the cooking and serving part, I mean. Still, they make fresh soups, salads, sandwiches and dips (like hummus), all by hand and all really scrumptious. I had a cup of their vegetable soup, which was really more like a stew, and I paired that with a half of their chunky chicken salad sandwich on grilled wheat. Awesome! PJ tried their Vege-licious Sandwich, and said it was outstanding. And more than she could eat, even though she claimed she had a huge appetite when she started. She took the second half, all wrapped up, to tide her over during the afternoon. After all, we still had some wine-tasting and driving to do! It wouldn’t be good to get too hungry on the way home.

The menu has a nice selection of sandwiches: Tuna salad, turkey and cheese, club, even meatloaf and peppered pimento cheese. They can make most any salad you want, to order. They have sampler meals too, and sides like a fresh fruit cup.

We ate our meal in the store side of High’s. There is also a very nice outdoor area, and with the weather as nice as it is this time of year, that’s a pleasant alternative. Next time, maybe we try that.

So when you go a’touring through the Hill Country in search of great imbibables, consider timing your trek so you can stop by High’s in Comfort. Don’t worry, the locals won’t mind; just as long as you don’t tell anybody else about their secret…

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Enjoy the (Comforting Lunch) Heat!

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