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Fish 4 Friday: Chipotle Shrimp Recipe and More

Lime Shrimp

I noticed a nice recipe on the website of a new friend of mine, Carla Meine, a lady who lives in Salt Lake City. She operates the site “ICCK,” or Ideal Cooking in Carla’s Kitchen. She always has recipes, and often good photos or videos of her cooking. Because the recipe involves shrimp, I thought it would be ideal for my Fish 4 Friday (occasional) feature.

I chose not to simply copy Carla’s great work, though. Visit her site for the details. Instead, I wanted to talk about how I would adjust the recipe to please Paula Jo (and others) who can actually eat shrimp. (I like shrimp; they don’t like me.) But first, some of the details…

The recipe starts with some large shrimp, peeled but with the tails on to make handling easier. (Also for eye appeal.) The rest of the ingredients are simple: butter, white wine, Worcestershire, chipotle chiles in adobo (plus some of the zesty adobo sauce), garlic and salt. That’s it. And the prep is even easier, as she does most of the cooking in the oven. The whole meal is ready in less than 15 minutes, except for preparing the shrimp. If you buy the shrimp ready-to-go, then it’s even easier.

Here are some tweaks I’d consider trying. First off, I’d use more chiles. I know, not everybody loves chiles the way I do, and since I can’t eat the shrimp anyway, maybe I should consider backing off of the heat. No way, man; pedal to the metal! Surprisingly, shrimp can take the heat without getting buried. I would use a garnish of finely-sliced (or slivered) red Serranos, or to go mild, maybe some yellow bell pepper. If you add chopped cilantro at the end, sprinkled across the shrimp after the sauce has been added, and then sprinkle with lime juice, you’ll have a kind of chipotle-salsa flavor shrimp. (This should work for chicken too, by the way; hmmm, maybe I just found my weekend’s experiment!)

If you want the shrimp over rice, consider doing a Spanish style rice, or a pilaf that uses some Latin spices: cumin, turmeric, chile powder, even epazote. The pasta option is good too, assuming you use a zesty sauce (if you’re going with a tomato base). Simply dressing the pasta with extra-virgin olive oil and garlic, then tossing in some cilantro, or Italian spices, would work too.

Whatever you use as a base for this dish, consider sprinkling on some cheese. Nothing heavy, and you can take a pass on the usual Parmesan from the shaker (unless that’s all you have; then go for it). Try some Cotija crumbles, or some smoked Gruyere.

The basic answer is, Carla has a winning recipe here that you can tailor to your tastes and interests, using simple ingredients that won’t make the dish hard to fix. Nor add to the expense, really.

Go visit her site, you’ll get plenty of other quick meal ideas that are easy to fix, tasty on the tongue, and don’t require a another mortgage to afford. Exactly what we need these days…

Enjoy the (Chipotle Shrimp) Heat!

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2 comments to Fish 4 Friday: Chipotle Shrimp Recipe and More

  • Mitch,
    Thanks for the nice review and the suggestions. Always love more ideas. I’m sad for you if you can’t have shrimp…it’s one of life’s great pleasures:)

    • Carla, thanks for stopping by! Your recipe (and your other fine eats) is a treat, and it fit so well with what my wife is craving these days.

      I can have shrimp, and I even like the taste. However, they occasionally cause me grief, so I leave them alone. When I was traveling for a living, and going to Asia quite a lot, my wife strictly forbade me to test the Chinese health care system by eating any of their seafood.

      She was right, as usual…