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How Grand is the Grand Buffet in Seguin? Let Me Tell You...

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(Note: Before the flamers get a chance at this note, I want to remind everybody that this review is about a buffet place. It’s not fine dining, and even the owners don’t claim it as such. So temper your expectations, and try to read this review as a comparison to other buffet restaurants. Trust me, you’ll be happier that way.)

A new restaurant has opened to considerable fanfare here in Seguin, Texas. The place is called “Grand Buffet” and it’s quite grand. Indeed, it’s about the biggest eatery in the town! And nicely done…

Grand Buffet opened mid-October, and they’ve been doing a land-office business ever since. Of course there’s the usual “new restaurant effect.” Folks have got to check it out, of course! (Me, I only went twice the first week.) Once inside, patrons will find a well-lit and appealing dining area that’s plenty spacious. Lots of nice Chinese ambiance, without being overpowering; wood and tile, some carpeting (to keep down the noise), and Chinese calligraphy on the walls. There’s also some nice art on the walls and on shelves.

The main dining area has plenty of tables and booths, and there’s a large room that can be closed off for special occasions. The entry foyer is large and elegant, with room for the overflow crowds to wait their turn. Since this is a buffet place, the wait times are seldom long. Any wait is worth it too!

And then there’s the food. This restaurant uses a model for large Chinese buffet places that I’ve seen in many places recently, including several very similar stores in Austin and San Marcos. There’s about six large hot-food tables, stuffed with all the usual Chinese (and other Asian) entrées, side dishes, and soups. Cold tables display a wide selection of salad choices, sauces and condiments, and desserts. Nothing unusual in that part of the layout! I’ve always seen the tables well-stocked and clean, even when the crowds are at their largest. The layout gives adequate walking room, and since the area is a “scramble-style” buffet, it needs that.

What sort of things did I sample (or see) on the tables? Lo mein, chow mein, egg foo yong, about 20 types of chicken entrées, at least as many beef dishes, some nice vegetarian selections, and lots of seafood. I mean lots! Not the usual 1-2 shrimp dishes and some fried fish fillets. No, there were at least a dozen nice dishes, all different and all looking scrumptious. (I chose not to test my shrimp allergies, though.)

I can’t begin to remember all the wonderful stuff I’ve had at the Grand Buffet. Several types of soup, including Won Ton and Hot & Sour; Moo Goo Gai Pan, Curry Chicken, Hunan Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Chicken With Garlic Sauce; Beef With Broccoli, Pepper Steak, Szechuan Beef; Twice Cooked Pork and Pork With Mushrooms; various noodle dishes; Triple Delight; Asian-style desserts of all kinds, and more. And that was just the first night! (I’m kidding. It took two nights. And they wouldn’t let me sleep in the back.)

Here’s what makes this restaurant different from many others: There’s a Mongolian-style grill station, AND fresh sushi. Yes, there’s a sushi chef present, and he’s always busy making something out of bait fresh fish, sticky rice and the trimmings. (If you’re looking for chopsticks, they’re stored in the sushi area.) The grill is where you choose your favorite fresh ingredients and a teppanyaki-style chef cooks the meal to your satisfaction.

Jessica tried the Mongolian grill, a style she thoroughly enjoys, first thing. Unfortunately, they got her order mixed up with someone else’s. (After all, sometimes they look very similar.) She was willing to cut them a break, since they were still learning (she thought). The next time, though, they got things just like she likes. She’s since forgiven them, and says she’ll be back regularly.

Naturally, the Grand Buffet will prepare takeout for you, and large and small party trays. You can call or fax your order in ahead of time and it’ll be ready for you, piping hot and set to go!

We’re not used to having this sort of food available in Seguin, so I expect the Grand Buffet will do just fine. As long as they keep their food quality up to the level they started with, of course (and I hear that’s the plan)…

Grand Buffet Chinese Cuisine, Mongolian Grill & Sushi, 1463 E. Court St., Seguin, TX 78155. Phone 830-379-8008; Fax 830-379-8018. Open lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

Enjoy the (Spicy Asian Buffet) Heat!

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