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Quick Gourmet Lunches: Bailey's Sandwiches & Subs in Seguin

Big Sandwich

There’s a new Sheriff in town, here in Seguin. A sandwich sheriff, I mean. And his name is Bailey…

I recently wrote a review of my experiences with Amy’s and Cathy’s, down on the square just west of the courthouse here in Guadalupe County. I still like that place, and go there for a takeout sandwich every so often. More recently, though, my wife and I have been splitting our visits between them and Bailey’s Sandwiches on East Court Street, near the hospital. (No, that’s not an indication of anything sinister.)

Bailey’s has a slogan that they seem to be living: “We’ve got what you’re craving!” At least in the realm of healthy lunch choices, they’re doing that right. Bailey’s is located in an old house, and they’ve done a nice job of decorating and using the space without taking down walls and destroying the charm. They have interesting art and knick-knacks all about; not too many to seem cluttered, and not too few to seem sparse or bare. You order at the counter, go find a table in one of the rooms, and they call your name when your meal’s ready. (Although there’s a better, faster way which I’ll get to in a minute.)

The food, you ask? Scrumptious. Sandwiches, salads, and soups, with fruit and a dessert or two tossed in for good measure. Sandwiches are in two main categories: Tasty and Tastier Favorites and Classics. PJ enjoys their Trio, which is a piece of two sandwiches: Pimiento cheese, chicken salad, with soup and a fruit cup. I like their Rancher’s Revenge (ham, bacon, all the trimmings on onion flatbread), or their Italian Roast Beef. They also serve a mean Chicken Ranch sandwich, some veggie items (Cheesy Tomato Panini, Aunt Nellie’s Fruit Plate, etc.) and at least two versions of the timeless Club Sandwich. Lots of their sandwiches are grilled.

I’ve had at least three different soups at Bailey’s as well, and enjoyed them all. They’re fresh-made, and more like a stew than a soup; lots of goodies swimming in minimal broth. They don’t short you on the serving size either!

I mentioned there’s an easier way to get your lunch at Bailey’s than standing at the counter? Well, actually there are two ways. First, call or fax your order in early. Then you can go in and walk through their line (zipping by the folks waiting to order), or you can drive by their pickup window and never have to leave your car. The food’s the same great stuff, either way.

I’m not saying you should leave Amy’s and Cathy’s if you like them. Isn’t there room for two good lunch sandwich shops in Seguin, though? Eat more of the healthy sandwiches, salads and treats offered by both places and you’ll be better off anyway…

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Enjoy the (Healthy Lunch Choices) Heat!

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