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Hot Bytes for 2010-11-12

A great Venison Chili recipe (you can use other meats), and an interesting insight: http://bit.ly/9yQyre #
Books for real cooks: season’s best open up a whole world of food choices. Sasvari reviews the best… http://bit.ly/bLwEiE #
Food blogs bring opportunity and tasty recipes; or, why food blogs are important (and maybe profitable) … http://bit.ly/9bXzIK #

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Friday Follies: Rise of Civilization Blamed on Beer

Present-day civilization has lots of wonderful stuff that we seldom think twice about. Like the cultivation of grain, for instance. Heck, it wasn’t until the last century that we could gather grains easily using farm machines! Until then, it all had to be gathered by hand, and that’s a time-consuming and back-breaking enterprise. There […]