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Businessman's Lunch in New Orleans: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

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By Thursday the conference grind was beginning to grind on us a bit. I had just the pick-me-up in mind for lunch, though: A visit to Gordon Biersch, a brew pub and restaurant conveniently located across the street from the Hilton where the talks were going on (and going, and going…) Okay, this place isn’t exclusively New Orleans Local Color. It’s still good, though! And they do put a decidedly Orleans twist on things. Mostly in the way the folks speak, their Southern accents and warm greetings.

We arrived at the tail-end of the lunch rush and had to wait a few minutes to get a booth. No problem. Although I bet their usual lunch crush is huge! Go early, or be prepared to wait a while, that’s the reality of a good eatery (with great beer!) in a busy location. I looked around a bit and didn’t recognize any of the conventioneers. The place could have been packed with them, though; with over 3,000 chemists in the immediate area, and over 10,000 boat enthusiasts just down the street, you can bet they came and ate.

What did we eat? I’m glad you asked! The college fellows with us tried out the pepperoni pizza. A classic test, as far as students are concerned, is whether or not a place can make an edible pizza. The word is, GB can. Better than edible, in fact! Dr. T tried a pulled pork sandwich and declared it tasty and filling. I went for the chicken pot pie, and I washed it down with a tall, cold glass of Märzen. Just the right size meal to get me ready for a long nap rousing afternoon of talks about chemistry. And the posters, of course.

One item we tried as an appetizer was an order of Garlic Fries. They were wonderful! Hot and crisp, with enough garlic on them that I’m sure you could smell them through a double-walled metal door. Perfect! They had so much tasty garlic that they made my tongue tingle. Thank goodness for industrial-strength breath mints…

Gordon Biersch Brewery on Urbanspoon

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, 200 Poydras Street (on the corner), New Orleans, LA 70130. Phone (504) 552-2739. Open seven days a week, Sunday-Thursday 11 A.M. to midnight, Friday and Saturday 11 A.M. to 1 A.M.

Enjoy the (Brew Pub Grub) Heat!

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