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Pearl Harbor Day: Always Remember, Tho It's Nearly 70 Years On...

It was one of the most moving moments on my last visit to Hawai’i; seeing the battleship Missouri docked near the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. So much history and meaning in those symbols.

My civics teacher in high school always dreaded December 7th. He was there, you see, and he had flashbacks. Even […]

Hot Bytes for 2010-12-07

World’s Hottest Pepper Is ‘Hot Enough to Strip Paint’ (and that's just one of the many uses of this tasty fruit) … http://bit.ly/gU4lgQ #
Lata defeated on ‘Iron Chef' Local chef hero (Charleston) goes down, but his fans stay true… http://bit.ly/hdh0zS #
Mr. Food Still Oh So Good After 30 Years – (Come on, admit it; you […]