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Friday Follies: World's Strangest National Dishes

Fish What?

As Featured in travel.webshots.com (Amy Leung)

If you can identify the “National Dish” shown above, then you’re a better man than I am. Or at the very least, weirder.

It’s a material called milt. Not MILK. The polite name is shirako. Think caviar, only the male portion. Or for those of you from the great Western states, it’s the fish equivalent of Mountain Oysters.

Yeah, that stuff.

A slide show of the World’s Strangest National Dishes was recently published. It makes for fascinating viewing. Especially for those of you who like train wrecks and collecting those new cigarette warning pictures. These entrées are considered delicacies in some parts. One of them, Kenke, actually looks like the African version of polenta. Apparently that’s too kind. If you’re anemic, then the British breakfast called a fry-up may be just what the doctor ordered. (Just to absolutely clear: NOT This Doctor. Even though this report claims it’s the healthiest breakfast on the planet.) If you’re into chewing, you might try Muktuk, from Greenland.

Me, I’ll stick with the National Dish of Texas: A big bowl of Texas Red. It’s not just for breakfast anymore…

Enjoy the (Truly Odd Eats) Heat!

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