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New Recipe du Jour: Spiced Pork Chops With Sweet-Sour Citrus Sauce

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Pork Chop

A few days ago I wrote about some New Year’s Resolution options for all you foodie fans of the Chile Underground. (We’re still the only foodie site you visit, yes? YES??) One of those ideas was to try out a few new recipes each month.

It’s not required that you use flavors or ingredients you’re not familiar with, though! No need for exotic vegetables, or strange meats (elephant ear steak, anyone?). No, it’s actually better to stay with the tried-and-true, the fixings that you and your family have come to trust and enjoy.

Hence pork chops. And citrus.

There’s only one thing you really have to do: Avoid boredom! Don’t prepare dishes too similar to what you already serve. “Fusion” is one word that is tough to get a handle on these days, especially when applied to food. But you can try some mix-and-match with elements you’re already skilled with, like American style pork chops with a sauce that echoes Asian sensibilities. Like this dish:

Cooked Pork Chop

These chops are not your Granny’s style, nor even your Mom’s. They have a great sauce built around orance juice, and the also have a zing that even Emeril Lagasse would admire. Balsamic vinegar provides complexity, rosemary adds herbal essence, all while keeping the overall preparation simple and clear. The half stick of butter doesn’t hurt a thing either! (Well, maybe it hurts your diet. Oh well.)

Want a variation or two? Try using blood orange juce, with a hit of something tart, like lemon or lime juice. Even a bit of cranberry juice will add a delicious difference! Use molasses in place of the honey. Try a chili sauce in addition to the dry powders (or in place of some of them).

Whatever you do, try something! Remember your resolutions…

[This is hopefully the beginning of a new, frequent feature here at the CU. Recipe du Jour! Or RDJ for short. Let the elves know what you think!]

Enjoy the (Citrusy-Sweet Pork Chops) Heat!

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