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Man, I Wish I'd Made That: Brimstone Originals

Pepper Jelly

Usually I’m the only one in the family who “finds” great, zesty eats. Most of the rest of the clan is too wimpy to even make it on Popeye have sensitive palates and don’t often go for the nuclear fire on the tongue heat in their food. Shoot, PJ often has me set aside a portion of salsa cruda as I make it, from before I add the minced chiles. And I don’t use anything more extreme than jalapeño peppers! (I suppose you could say my salsa is so good it doesn’t even need chiles; but that’s simple over-rationalization, I fear.)

Anyways, I’ve learned not to expect Paula Jo or Number One Daughterperson to explore the tasty side of food bring me information on zesty stuff. And wouldn’t you know it, just as I’ve gotten completely used to the need to do all the heavy lifting in the research area that sad state of affairs, one of them goes and surprises me. Like daughter, in this instance. She found herself a long, long way from home in a strange country (long story), and while attempting to escape back to Texas visiting with her friend, she discovered a really nice shop. In Largo, Florida of all places.

Oh, you want to know which place? Brimstone Originals, specifically.

Since I wasn’t along on this road trip as there was some concern I’d take over or interfere, I’d like to turn this forum over to the only remaining eyeball witness our roving reporter, Jessica. However, she’s too busy to be bothered getting ready for another grueling semester of college, what with the parties, Ultimate Frisbee, video games four science and math classes and all.

Ain’t she cute? Ahem; I digress…

Jessica did mention that she spent quite a bit of time with the owners: Eileen, Julie and Rick. Rick’s the chilehead, apparently, while the ladies are both the pretty faces AND the brains of the outfit. Their products are reaching as far away as Chicago and Germany, and can be ordered online (of course). They’ve even been featured on Home Shopping Network.

What are their products, exactly?

Bleu cheese dip like you never had it, with habañero! Can you imagine, kicking back to watch the Super Bowl with a big jar of dipping pretzels on one side, a jar or two of Brimstone’s Blue Heat (or Blue Heat EXTRA) on the other hand, and a full cooler of beer at your feet? Don’t close your eyes, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. (Until the primary spousal unit finds out where you went to hide, that is.)

Or maybe enjoy breakfast toast or scones with one of Brimstone’s pepper jellies? Here’s an even more exciting idea: Pan-fry some pork chops and use one of these luscious jellies to make the sauce. How do you do that? Simply take the skillet drippings, add a cup of low-sodium chicken broth, and reduce by about half. Pour in a slurry of cornstarch (4 teaspoons in 3-4 ounces of water or dry white wine) and cook until the sauce thickens a bit. Then add several ounces of the jelly of your choice, and stir until the jelly dissolves. They have cranberry-jalapeño and pineapple-pepper varieties, so you can even go tropical.

Jessica surprised me by admitting she’d tried several items, and then I had to sit down when she told me she’d actually liked them all and that I should quickly order several. She also informed me I didn’t need to wait for some special occasion.

So don’t you hold back either, and don’t wait until aunt Mildred’s birthday to order some of these great products. Indulge yourself, you’ll be glad you did…

Enjoy the (Fire and Brimstone) Heat!


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