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Friday Follies: Cakes That Make You Laugh (Maybe), and Which Food Best Represents Your State

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Cheese Cake

Sometimes you see a cake that just makes you laugh out loud. There are some examples on the show Ace of Cakes, for instance. Well, the Food Network, home of all sorts of cooking challenges, has decided to go one step further: A cake-baking challenge where the cooks have to make a towering pile of pastry (three feet tall), and then let the jaded crowd at Comedy Works be the judges.

Frightening, actually. At least the compensation’s good if you win: $10,000. That’s certainly no laughing matter…

In other news, the entertainment site My Food Looks Funny has made a new map of the United States. Each state has a food associated with it. It’s said that these food items best represent that state. Some obvious items, like steak in Texas, hamburgers in Iowa, and chile peppers in New Mexico, are shown. Also King Crab in Alaska, cheese in Wisconsin and pineapple in Hawaii. After that, though, it gets tougher. Like, who should get barbeque? Kansas. Although an argument could be made to switch Kansas and Texas (the food, not the state). Oklahoma got fried okra, even though that stuff’s eaten all over the South.

A few items make so much sense you can only laugh: Rocky Mountain Oysters in Montana; pasties in Michigan; the Denver omelette in (you guessed it) Colorado.

How did Tennessee get stuck with tomatoes? Their representative was asleep or something when the map was being discussed? Utah got green Jell-O, which is somehow appropriate; it’s as formless as Utah’s cuisine. (Can you name anything else from there?) California, the great land of fruits, nuts and flakes, got stuck with, well, fruit: grapes, to be exact. Their neighbors to the north got the nuts. (Agreed.) And what are Benne wafers that South Carolina likes them so much? To make matters much worse, Ohio ran off with chili. (OHIO!!) Poor Arizona got stuck with fried bread. Nobody could find anything edible for West Virginia, so the stuck them poor folks with ramps. (Not inclines, ramps.)

Can somebody please explain what coffee milk is, and why Rhode Island got it?

Enjoy the (Cake Madness) Heat!

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