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More Magazine Goodies: Rachel's Spanish-Style Tuna Cakes (A Fish 4 Friday Special)

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

Fish Cakes

Every Day with Rachel Ray is celebrating five years in print this month. They’ve recently put out a double-issue, covering the Holidays and their aftermath with Rachel’s usual perky flair.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many fish recipes in this jam-packed volume. However, Rachel did put up more than Sandra Lee, whose current volume of Semi-Homemade has zero (as in none, nada, zilch, zippo) seafood offerings. Apparently it’s a trend; Paula Deen only lists two shrimp dishes for January, in spite of a big report on Alaska. Maybe seafood’s really on the outs right now? (Thank You, British Petroleum.) I dunno.

Me, I still put one recipe a week on here, to reduce the beatings help assure peace and harmony in the household. That’s why I was pleased to see this recipe in the current big issue:

Normally I’d write this one up and put it on the Underground website, but Rachel’s site does a great job and has a fine picture too! Since Momma always said “You can go to Hell for lying as easily as you can for stealing chickens!” I decided not to test her theory about the chickens part. (How’d we get onto chicken here? Isn’t this Fish 4 Friday?)

So, what makes these patties “Spanish Style,” exactly? Olives, raisins and cumin, for starters. They’re ridiculously easy to prepare too. Mix and shape, fry for a few minutes, serve with a salad. In Rachel’s magazine the estimated cost comes out to less than $7 for four servings; you do the math.

What might I try differently? Other than the obvious “go for zesty” response the Elves like? (To do that, add some Tabasco or Sriracha into the egg when you beat it.) Well, many Spaniards are known to enjoy anchovies in certain dishes; why not a bit of minced anchovy? Or a teaspoon or two of anchovy essence? A few minced capers would work too, especially as a substitute for the olives (if you prefer). Good quality, oil-packed black olives would also be a nice, milder replacement for the Spanish olives; just don’t use those dreadful canned blacks.

Panko bread crumbs make a nice, crispy outside for pan-fried foods. Use regular crumbs (fresh homemade, if possible) in the tuna mix, then dredge the freshly shaped tuna patties in panko just before frying. The patties will need extra watching in the skillet, though, to prevent going past the “golden-brown and delicious” stage to “charred and hideous.”

The nice thing about this recipe? You’ve probably got most of the stuff right in your pantry or larder; you DO have a larder, yes? Go check…

Enjoy the (Latin Pattycakes) Heat!


2 comments to More Magazine Goodies: Rachel’s Spanish-Style Tuna Cakes (A Fish 4 Friday Special)

  • I love the suggestions about using fresh breadcrumbs and tabasco (which is also good on sardines in tomato sauce from a tin). We usually do Thai Fish cakes so this is a great alternative to keep the young family interested especially as they dont mind a bit of spice. Keep up the good work.

  • Suzi,

    Thanks for stopping by, and especially for the nice comments! (The Elves are blushing.) I’d sure like to see your Thai cakes recipe; I love Asian (as you no doubt know) but don’t have a recipe like that in my collection. Want to be famous? Help me build a post on your idea…