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Hot Bytes for 2011-01-25

"Pattern Recipes" — The Cure for America's Cooking Crisis? I've always espoused "experiment" and "taste" over rote… http://huff.to/ibDNs8 #
Plan on Hot Chocolate Cost Increase: Cocoa Jumps Most in 15 Months in New York After Ivory Coast Ban – Businessweek http://bit.ly/fLf5X0 #
National Pie Day 2011: Celebrate with top pie recipes. Now THERE's a National Holiday I […]

Remodeling Under Way; Pardon Our Mess

Just a word of caution: We’re revamping quite a bit of the WordPress back office around the ol’ Underground. It may not seem very apparent to you, but it’s certainly taxing the Elves’ creative abilities well beyond where Santa ever got them to go. (Now I see why I got such a great package […]