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Recipe du Jour: Slow Cooked Chicken Rice Soup

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Chicken Rice Soup

Everybody “knows” chicken noodle soup is good for you, especially when a tough ol’ winter cold has you by the sinuses. Chicken rice is about as good, in our experience. With soups and stews being classic cold-weather comfort food, why not combine the two? Boost your immune system with chicken rice soup!

But Wait! There’s More!! (I’ve been watching too many infomercials at 3 A.M.) If you make chicken rice soup, then you can make a mock tortilla soup from the same base and your family will think you’ve been cooking and cooking your fingers to the bone. (Bony fingers.) All you really have to do are two things: 1) Make a big pot of the soup to begin with; and 2) add garnishes (and a secret spice or two) to change the soup from classic chicken-rice to a Latin dish:

The slow cooker (Crock-Pot) is a great way to make this soup. You don’t have to skillet-sauté the chicken if you don’t have the time. Get it all quickly into the stoneware and let the helpful machine do the rest of the work. Don’t add the rice too early or it will cook apart. That’s not a bad thing, just maybe not what you’re expecting. (The taste’s the same.) Or use one of those wild rice mixtures that has firmer grains which won’t break apart. In a pinch, simply add leftover cooked white rice at the very end and press on.

The Elves especially enjoyed the soup with a big selection of garnishes, as shown in the recipe. And don’t forget, avocados are brain food! (I’ve been feeding the Little Guys a lot of brain foods recently, hoping it has a positive effect. So far, not so much; but I’m not giving up just yet.) Get creative and play around with the sides for this one, and maybe you’ll invent a family classic…

Enjoy the (Multipurpose Chicken Soup) Heat!


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