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Better Foodie Blogs: a Short Postscript

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»

Okay, I’ve had my say on how to boost your foodie blog. Now you should go out and search for the best practices in the blogosphere. Including things not specific to food.

Here’s one such item, just to get you going:

How to Grow the Engagement […]

More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part IV

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»

Sometimes, a food blogger just seems to run out of ideas. They don’t want to keep in the rut, and besides, even the rut’s bare of inspiration. What to do, what to do?

Well, you can do what most people come to the InterWebz for […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-02-26

Google Launches New Recipe Search; reviewed on Epicurious.com: http://bit.ly/gAmlbx #
Chili's Bar and Grill goes to Russia, expanding good taste globally | Dallas Business Journal http://bit.ly/ffzUar #
They don't spell it like we do, but it still uses chiles: Chilli Chicken Recipe | Oneindia Living http://bit.ly/fWVhCD #
Cooking for 2 just got a little easier with these recipes […]

Happiness is Influenza in Your Rear View Mirror

Although I can’t claim to be 100% yet (and wifeyperson says that’s a good thing, in some respects), I’ve clearly recovered from the ‘flu bug. It’s not something I recommend everybody experience, but it sure feels good to be over it and back!

So good, in fact, that I’m cooking again. Stacked enchiladas already this […]

More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part III

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»

After a short break, it’s back to reviewing ways you can improve (or revive) your foodie blog…

On the web, as it is in life, it’s all about the experience. If a viewer lands on your site and doesn’t immediately see something that interests them, […]

Really Bad News Wednesday: Owners of Local Restaurant Found Dead

The Chile Underground recently posted a review on a local restaurant that has drawn acclaim for its outstanding Cajun and Creole food: Mama Roux. It is with great personal sadness that we report today the deaths of the owners, Yoli and Michael Amr. The couple were found dead in their home early this morning after […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-02-22

Cherry Tea Cakes: Blackberry Upside Down Cake (Brain Food that's attractive & tasty!) http://bit.ly/eyIYHR #
Green Chili Corn Chowder: It's a soup; it's a chili; it's a great appetizer! And the restaurant's for sale… http://bit.ly/epUy98 #
Jefferson's Table: Who will buy a Taos tradition? (This is the restaurant I just referred to.) http://bit.ly/dKqzMg #

Powered by Twitter […]

An Exciting Week: A Holiday for Presidents, National Chili Day and More

You’ll have to go far to find a month with more food fun packed into it than February has to offer! And this week is the pinnacle of all that merriment. Besides celebrating President’s Day (today, in fact), which should bring a major spike in cherry prices nationally, Thursday is National Chili Day. I […]