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Superbowl Snacks and Old Recipe Books

Sophisticated Snacks

The “Big Game” is only a few days away now, and you’re thinking about how to make your party a bit different. With the Packers and Steelers matched up, this could be a classic game; you’d like your event to be remembered as a classic too! (Not like that time uncle Al got classically smashed; although you’re not likely to live that down.)

We won’t be hosting a party this year at the Underground. The Elves have found a place that serves better beer and has a bigger television other venues, and since the Cowboys aren’t playing, well, it’s just not a very festive occasion for us. Actually, the house isn’t completely clear of boxes from our recent move, so unless we want to press-gang our friends into unpacking and cleaning while listening to the game, we really don’t have a place to hold a nice gathering.

Oh, and it’s daughterperson’s 21st birthday. If the weather allows, we’re likely to be a hundred miles away and not paying any attention to the last football of the season.

Still, it’s interesting to consider: What would we serve here that would be memorable? Our usual fare includes chili, ribs and plenty of chips, dips, chains, whips and crackers. That sort of thing.

Which brings me to the old recipe book part of this post. As I unpacked the recipes library recently I found (once again) some old, comb-bound recipe books. The type that the Ladies’ Auxiliary or the church group puts together as a fundraiser; you know the kind.

Well, I’d forgotten what a wealth of information is in some of these old volumes! The recipes, not so much, actually; they’re the usual fare. It’s the information pages, the sheets that divide sections in the book, that contain the novel stuff. Companies that would help a club put out a book provided options to help the club add value to their work. These informational pages are very interesting!

One book, sold by the Opera Guild of Granbury in the 70’s, has a lot of those info sheets. Including one on how to make simple appetizers. Using thin-sliced (cocktail) bread, crackers or heavy-duty potato chips, you can simply add a stylish topping and you’re done! Here are some of their topping ideas:

  • Cream cheese with chutney and curry powder
  • Lobster tail bits moistened with lemon juice
  • Roasted almonds, chopped, mixed with anchovy paste
  • Chicken livers minces and moistened with mayonnaise
  • Liverwurst with pistachio nuts
  • Sardines with caviar paste
  • Minced hard-boiled egg with anchovies
  • Cream cheese with horseradish and grated onion
  • Herring with a dash of Tabasco
  • Peanut butter and bacon
  • Deviled ham, chopped onion and Spanish olives
  • Stilton cheese moistened with Port wine
  • Caviar flavored with onion juice
  • Pimiento cheese mixed with horseradish

The list goes on to about 25 items, but several are very similar to each other. Still, this ought to give you a starter kit! Just remember that this list comes from a time when prosciutto and smoked salmon weren’t generally available. I’d also see about getting some grape tomatoes in there, somehow. But that’s me…

Enjoy the (Elegant Party Snack) Heat!


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