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Friday Follies: Become a Professional Beer Expert (And You Thought All You Had to Do Was Drink)

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Beer Server

Some of you astute readers may have figured out by now that I like beer. I don’t drink a lot of the sudsy, but I do watch a lot of trends in the beer arena. Oh, and I occasionally sample a good brew. Something local and craft, by choice. Or from the taps at a brew pub; that’s nice too.

Cute ServerWell, with the explosion of the craft beer and brew pub industry comes new job opportunities. Like Cicerone.

What’s a cicerone? I’m glad you asked. I had no clue either, until this article appeared. Really, cicerone (which means guide in Italian) is fancy-talk for a beer sommelier…

Okay, that clears things right up, yes? Many of you, especially the avid beer drinker, have never seen a sommelier. (Shoot, some of us need three tries just to spell it.) So what is THAT? A trained and knowledgeable professional, of wines. Also known as a wine steward, they work in fine restaurants and the like. (I bet the wine snobs traditionalists really hate the beer industry for hijacking their term.)

Cicerone is a new thing. Not that there haven’t been knowledgeable beer pros; just no real training and certification system existed before. Not until recently. However, there are now over 3,000 certified cicerones, if you include all levels. This past year saw an explosion in interest, with over 2,000 folks passing the exam to become Certified Beer Servers (the entry level). Above that there are 180 Certified Cicerones, and three (count’em, 3!) Master Cicerones. Apparently the numbers more than doubled in 2010.

Tell me, though; how can an industry survive with only three levels of Elves pros? I’m sure you agree with me, it takes a lot more than that. Especially where beer is involved. After all, beer invented civilization, and has saved the world several times. (See previous Follies articles for the proof.) So we here at the Chile Underground got out a couple cases of brewed lubricant and some snacks put on our thinking caps and came up with some new ideas for levels of certified beer professional. Remember, you heard them here first!


Beer Buckwheater: A true tyro, somebody who has consumed at least one keg of beer in their young lifetime and, for some odd reason, likes the stuff. They want to dedicate their life to the magical brew; what better way than to walk the path to Master Cicerone?

Pilsner Putterer: An avid hobbyist with a taste for the lighter side of brewing, these folks are thinking about maybe starting a career in the field. They have their toe in the water, but haven’t quite committed to taking the plunge. Still, they know how to work a churchkey, and they have helped at least three local bars close up.

Authorized Ale Quaffer: This hearty lad (or lady; no discrimination here!) likes the dark side. And, push comes to shove, will also imbibe a pale ale or six. They can rail on and on about how the different yeasts work, how coke (not Coke) is used in various ale processes, and more. They’ve also intervened in at least three wall-to-wall discussions between bar patrons concerning which is better: Guinness or Murphy’s.

Beer at the Pool

Certified Beer Swiller: This “pro” needs no introduction. You’ve all met at least one while out and about, minding your own business and relaxing in the pub. They have plenty of opinions about beer, and pretty much everything else, and they’re not afraid to share. They can be a bit “challenging,” but are often useful; like when they strategically pass out, freeing up the bar stool you’ve been coveting. Pay attention to them, from an appropriate distance. The barkeep will tell you if they’re certified, if you ask.

Master Head Sucker (Crossover from Cajun Crawfish Industry): This sharpie passionately covers two areas of skill. They originally learned to suck from their first love, crawdad boils. Then they “moved up” to beer. They never forgot how they suck, though. You can learn a lot from one of these Masters, provided you supply the brewskis (and the crustaceans), and clean up afterwards.

We came up with many more hilarious and absurd ideas cogent, pithy stages that could be used to flesh out the ladder to the top of the cicerone ladder. However, by the time we got that far we’d pretty much incapacitated ourselves run out of chalkboard for recording our ideas. The above list should do for starters…

Enjoy the (Inebriated Insight) Heat!

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2 comments to Friday Follies: Become a Professional Beer Expert (And You Thought All You Had to Do Was Drink)

  • Hey there Dr.!

    Great piece. Love the alternative positions there!

    Thanks for spreading the word on this work.

    Cheers and all the best.

    Samuel Merritt
    President, Civilization of Beer
    Certified Cicerone Tm.

  • Sam, (can I call you Sam?)

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m not sure why this topic made me chuckle at first. It’s a serious business! As a professional trainer (in my real job) I appreciate how tough it can be to assure knowledge and skills, especially in an emerging certification path. I wish you and your colleagues every success.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to watch and cheer from the sidelines, with an occasional post hereabout to update my readers…