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World Nutella Day: It's Finally Here!


Today is World Nutella Day. That’s right, a whole day devoted to the tasty spread made from hazelnuts and chocolate. Irresistable! (Especially to my daughterperson, who has her 21st birthday tomorrow.) Creamy, gooey goodness that goes well with almost anything! At least I’ve never seen a recipe containing Nutella that anybody ever complained about…

I’ve noticed a real dearth of zesty options in the Nutella recipe world. I find that odd, as the ancients enjoyed chocolate with chiles. And I’m sure they enjoyed nuts. What would keep them from mixing all three? Modern molés can include these ingredients; maybe somebody has a Nutella molé recipe to share? If not, here are a couple of my ideas…

First, take this recipe for these tasty empanadas and adjust it. Instead of the salsa, replace with Nutella. Use ancho and cayenne powders to kick up the heat. I bet it’s a party favorite next week! (You DID remember the Superbowl’s coming, right?) Warning: Make Extra.

Or how about this dish? A Nutella-Ancho Chile Mousse, with rum. You take the recipe here and adjust appropriately. Begin by replacing some or all of the chocolate with Nutella. (I know, for some folks that’s blasphemy, taking out chocolate; just remember, you’re putting some back in!)The trick is to get the goo liquid enough to fold in the egg whites. You may have to try several times to get it right, but you can always eat your mistakes!

So go get your big jar of Nutella out of its hiding place and get started! If you don’t have Nutella on hand, shame on you; go now, buy some! (Disclaimer: I don’t own any Ferrero stock. The Elves, they ain’t saying.)

Enjoy the (Creamy Nutty Chocolatey) Heat!


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