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More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part I

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»

Recently I wrote on the problem of reviving or amplifying your food blog. Now, let’s get to some detailed ideas:

Build Community

One of the best things the World Wide Web has brought to our age is the ability for anyone to build a community of like-minded folk. You don’t need to build Facebook! Niche topics are ideal for the Web. Not simply food, but something much more narrowly defined will do.

I suppose you could even build a following with Ancient Nepalese Monastery Recipes, or something equally arcane. Here at the Underground, we “focus” on zesty, chile-containing food (mostly), with added interests in photography, travel and zany writing. What floats your boat? Pick it, work it, and by all means, get your voice out there! We can’t share what isn’t there.

The graphic above should suffice to get your ideas flowing. Just remember, get them engaged, give them reasons to return, and they’ll become a community.


What will help you attract and keep those readers you enjoy? Be useful to your audience! You’re more than simple entertainment. (We’ve got the boob toob for that.) One of the top three reasons people come to the Internet is to find solutions to their current problems. And what to fix for dinner is only the beginning!

The list above is only the high points of what are possible. I got tired once I got to the Reviews branch, but you know what you can talk about: Food, restaurants, shops, tools, dishware and more. Add in your own areas of expertise (believe me, you have some; everybody’s got’em) and you’ll have a winning connection to your community.

Let us know here at the Underground what you see as great additions to the lists above. We’re always looking to expand our horizons and to pass along great ideas to those who can take them and run…

Enjoy the (Special Foodie Community) Heat!


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