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More Walnut Goodness for Your Enjoyment

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To follow up on my previous post about the brain super-food, walnuts, here are some recipes you can try in the coming days. I’ve stayed within the realm of “dinner entrée,” since I was challenged by my spouse to show something other than brownies or muffins. Here Goes:

Salad can be an appetizer, a palate-cleansing intermediate dish, or as the last item (but not dessert!). The practice of “salad last” is found in many cultures, and is said to help with weight loss. Salads can also BE the meal. And I don’t mean the supermodel version, ordering a side salad with no dressing and then eating only that! I mean a hearty salad that combines the best vegetables with some meaty protein. Like this Black-and-Blue Flank Steak Salad. With candied walnuts for crunch and flavor contrast. Sweet!

Winter weather pretty much demands we eat some hearty meals, at least occasionally. That doesn’t mean we need to avoid brain food, or healthy options. Walnut Crusted Chicken and Broccoli Orecchiette is just such a dish. It feeds our desire for something GB&D (Golden Brown and Delish) while adding many healthy components: chicken, walnuts, broccoli, garlic and pasta, in particular. This dish has great eye appeal too!

If you’re looking for ethnic food with walnuts, look no further than Indian cuisine. Combined with chiles and pomegranate, many of the essential brain nutrients can be found in this dish: Spice-Rubbed Game Hen with a Walnut Pomegranate Sauce. The photo sequence in the blog with this recipe makes the whole thing easy to follow and prepare, and you’ll be making Indian food like a pro. My guess is you could substitute (dark-meat) chicken if you had to, but the game hens will have more flavor.

Walnuts: They’re not just for baking anymore…

Enjoy the (Tasty Nutty Entrée) Heat!


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