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More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part II

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»


Blogging isn’t so much about the writing; by that I mean, the grammar and the language. It’s much more about the voice of the author, and the viewpoints expressed. One of the best ways to expand your blog’s readership is to include other viewpoints.

The Blogiverse is a big place, and there are many, many opinions and perspectives available on nearly every idea. Indeed, there are usually strong thoughts for and against whatever position you take. Yes, even in food! Especially if you choose to blog about any of the food-related social issues and trends. Into vegan Buddhism? You’re in great company, but not everybody agrees.

For every issue involving food, I bet you can find supporting and dissenting views. Don’t rail against “the enemy,” the ones who don’t “get it.” (Okay, some of them ARE idjits. Then again, some of the folks on your side lean that way too.) Instead, invite their positions into your discussion. Compare, contrast; start a dialog with them, if you can find a sufficiently erudite writer who can carry their half of the conversation.


Leveraging other viewpoints is, in fact, only one way to extend the conversation. (I was a bit conflicted about including that one as its own main branch of the mind map, but then I saw how much independent character it had.) There are many other ways. My personal favorite is to explain how an issue affects your reader. (It’s the teacher in me, I suppose.) I’m a technomaniac too, so I don’t mind talking about the latest in gadgets large and small, and how they change our present and future. What’s your passion here? What makes you want to wade in with your thoughts? There are so many possible extensions here, I’m sure you’ll come up with many more ideas and concepts once you read through the list above.

If you have any great insights in these areas, please drop us a comment here at the Underground and share with the community. You visit, you read, you ponder; you’re not alone…

Enjoy the (Many Voices of Food) Heat!


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